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Transparency is the New Green

Originally Published August 2017

We first became aware of volatile organic compounds emissions (VOC) when Washington state developed an emission standard for carpeting used in state buildings. We concluded it didn’t apply to vinyl wallcoverings. Then in 2004, California developed a standard for testing and rating VOC emissions from building products and we paid attention.

The test methodology, Standard Method V1.2, gave a pass or fail rating as well as listing specific chemicals. We began reformulating our vinyl films in 2006 and received our first CA pass rating in 2008 and a Collaborative for High-Performance Schools (CHPS) accepted product listing the same year. Our Clean Vinyl Technology (CVT) now results in acceptably low VOC emissions to be approved for schools, offices and residences.

CHPS has now created ‘partnerships’ with Sustainable Minds, ZeroDocs, Healthy Schools Network and others that provide databases for selecting the lowest emitting
Interior products.

In fact, you can find Len-Tex Wallcoverings and Clean Vinyl Technology listed on both ZeroDocs and Sustainable Minds websites (also accessible from the CHPS website).

Don Lennon






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