Health Product Declaration® (HPD) Collaborative Member

Committed to full product transparency.

We continue to take a leadership role in the industry by becoming an HPD Collaborative Member. As members, the Len-Tex team is actively engaged in the evolution of the Health Product Declaration ® (HPD) Open Standard.

The HPD Collaborative’s HPD Open Standard has become established as the leading industry standard for reporting building product content and associated health information.  It is incorporated as a reporting tool in many leading certification programs, such as LEED v4 and WELL, and is also the foundation for industry harmonization efforts to establish a single method that can simplify reporting – and also improve the accuracy, consistency and reliability – of information about building products and health.

Our Published Health Product Declaration (HPD) lets you see EXACTLY what’s in our wallcoverings.

Len-Tex Health Product Declaration Key Features:

  • Full disclosure of chemical components used in the manufacture of our wallcoverings, down to 1000 ppm
  • Eligible for LEEDv4 credit — Material Ingredients Reporting
  • Allows specifiers to make informed decisions on product options that affect human and ecological health

Download our V2.1 HPD(s) or contact us to request additional information.

Product Transparency

We have eliminated the elements of most concern to health and indoor air quality.

Len-Tex Corporation is dedicated to producing wallcoverings that create healthier indoor air quality (IAQ). Our innovative Clean Vinyl TechnologyTM formulation addresses the chemicals and associated health risks typically found in vinyl wallcoverings, and identifies the safe alternatives used in CVTTM.

Len-Tex Clean Vinyl Technology™ demonstrates our commitment to continuous improvement of our vinyl wallcoverings. And with all of our product components being are Made in the U.S.A.,  we are proud to play a part in safeguarding American jobs.

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LEED Credits

Our Clean Vinyl Technology™ Wallcoverings may contribute to LEED credits!

In addition to potentially qualifying a project for material reporting and low emitting materials credits, our Reclamation program may lead to additional LEED credits for your renovation project!


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End-of-Life Wallcovering Reclamation Program

As part of our commitment to environmental stewardship, Len-Tex accepts any fabric-backed recovered vinyl wallcovering from interior renovation projects.

Our Reclamation Program takes used vinyl wallcovering at the end of its useful life, and recycles it into new building materials. To take advantage of this program, simply notify your Len-Tex Distributor when placing your order, and you will be provided with  the supplies and paperwork necessary to return the recovered vinyl and any installation scraps.

An added bonus? Our program may lead to additional LEED credits for your renovation project in the materials and resources category!


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Certifications & Compliance

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