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Len-Tex Corporation is a leading manufacturer of contract wallcoverings, providing an extensive range of design options for the hospitality, healthcare, corporate, institutional and retail markets.

Since our founding in 1983, our family-owned company has remained dedicated to producing beautiful, durable wall coverings which promote healthier indoor air quality (IAQ). We believe in product transparency and continue to make third-party certifications a priority. And with 100% of our product components — including films, inks, coatings, adhesives, and fabrics — being exclusively made in the U.S.A., we are proud to play a part in safeguarding American jobs.


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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is an environmental issue we take very seriously.

From hotel rooms to restaurants, to the classroom, Len-Tex knows that the wallcoverings selected for an interior project have an impact on indoor air quality. We are strongly committed to creating products which contribute to healthier living spaces and work environments.

Our proprietary Clean Vinyl Technology®️ wallcoverings meet many rigorous standards, including:

This tangible proof of our company’s commitment to industry-leading initiatives that contribute to healthier living spaces and work environments is the cornerstone of our business.

General Product Information

Type I and Type II
ASTM E84 Fire Rating
W-101 Requirements
Clean Vinyl Technology®️
Aqua-Clear low VOC water-based topcoat
Ultra-Fresh Microbial Protection
Micro-venting available
5-Year Warranty

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