Our GreenCircle Journey

Sustainability, at its very core, is simply the ability to persist over time at a given rate. But there is an important distinction to be made between simply maintaining that rate and improving it in terms of efficiency, speed, etc. In relation to society and our relationship with the biosphere, sustainability is based in the concept of meeting our needs now without compromising the needs of future generations.

The concept of sustainability, especially in the context of small business initiatives, is that the key areas to consider are economic, social, and environmental. But in a real-life context, what does that actually look like? At Len-Tex, we have been working our way through that very question for decades. The answer is likely different for every company, and evolves over time. Trying to continuously tackle each aspect with attention and care to achieve best outcomes is crucial in implementing successful sustainable practices without compromising product quality.

Len-Tex strives to create products that are long lasting and have a positive effect on human health. We became concerned with the social aspects of our products before it was identified as an important part of the sustainable business model. The presence of our wallcoverings in various built environments means that people of many different demographics (age, health status, etc.) interact with them. We try to be as transparent as possible by being a Health Product Declaration (HPD) Collaborative Member and publishing Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for our products. Our Clean Vinyl TechnologyTM formulation addresses health concerns often associated with the chemicals found in traditional vinyl and contributes to our customers’ LEED credits. Our implementation of an antimicrobial, Ultra-Fresh, provides protection from bacterial growth and the associated odors and stains. We continuously keep looking for new technologies and processes that can help us keep our employees, our customers and our planet healthy.

Most recently, we have summarized our sustainability efforts, and their benefits, through our GreenCircle Certification. GreenCircle is an internationally recognized third party entity that provides independent verification for sustainability claims. Our Certified Environmental Facts labels highlight our reductions in waste production, water and energy usage, as well as the bio-based materials used within our products. You can view and download these labels by clicking the links listed below.

We are dedicated to manufacturing safe, clean, and high performing products. In recent months, that has taken on some new meanings. We are leading the way testing our products to document the effects of institutional disinfectants that can destroy the COVID-19 virus. For months we have been gathering data regarding product performance, and how that relates back to our work in sustainability and manufacturing. Stay tuned for next week’s blog post for an update on those results, and some exciting new methods we are using to make sure our products are the best they can be.

About the Author: Aine Hardaker joined Len-Tex in March of this year, and has since taken on the tasks of finalizing our GreenCircle Certification and developing a testing protocol for product performance testing. Aine graduated with a degree in Environmental Science, concentrated in Sustainability, in 2019 and is continuing her education with a Master’s program beginning this fall based in Sustainability. For any questions or inquiries, feel free to contact her at:

View and download our newest GreenCircle labels by clicking the links below: 

Clean Vinly Technology Wallcoverings Woven backing – 20-0191 UPDATED 1.6.21

Clean Vinly Technology Wallcoverings Non-Woven backing – 20-0192 UPDATED 1.6.21

Clean Vinyl Technology Wallcoverings Mylar Backing – 20-0339 UPDATED 1.6.21