Connecting the Dots: HPDs, EPDs, LEED, BREEAM Sustainability and PVC

Originally Published May 2017

Are you searching for interior finish products with specific attributes but becoming confused by the expanding alphabet soup of standards, abbreviations and certifications? You’re not alone – we’ve been there (but it’s becoming clearer).

As the focus of these standards narrows to indoor air quality and its impact on our health, which ones are really of value? Which standards provide a true measuring tool for selecting the least harmful interior products? How does one know when a manufacturer is really being transparent and there’s no greenwashing?

We’re not chemists – we’re manufacturers who take this stuff seriously.

Stay with us through this series of posts over the next 10-12 weeks – we’ll talk in plain terms about PVC products and how they can be made better when made by companies that care. We’ll work through the standards and certifications that are truly meaningful. At the end we’ll introduce you to the next generation of PVC for interior products and how this fits into a framework of sustainability.


Mary O’Neil, MBA, Sustainability

Don Lennon