SCS Indoor Advantage Gold

What is SCS Indoor Advantage Gold?SCS Indoor Advantage Gold

SCS Indoor Advantage Gold is the premier Indoor Air Quality certification program for interior finish products. It provides product transparency from a trusted third-party certifier to help designers and specifiers make informed product choices about low emitting products.

Why is third-party certification important?

  • Provides independent verification of clearly defined claims
  • Encourages product transparency
  • Makes product comparisons possible because everyone is being measured to the same criteria

How is compliance determined?

An ISO accredited lab measures VOC emissions modeling both classroom and private office scenarios.  Emission concentrations are calculated and must comply with California 01350 listed CRELs (Chronic Reference Exposure Levels).

Why specify products with SCS Indoor Advantage Gold certification?LEED Credits

You’ll be providing safer, healthier indoor environments, and helping customers qualify for:

  • LEED Low Emitting Materials credit EQ 4.2 (Commercial Interiors, New Construction)
  • Collaborative for High Performing Schools (CHPS) Section CA01350CHPS Collaboration for High performance schools
  • Green Guide for Health Care

How can designers find certified products?

Visit the SCS online Certified Green Products Guide for certified green products for your project!

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