Product Transparency

We have eliminated the elements of most concern to health and indoor air quality, and our product transparency shows it.

Len-Tex Corporation is dedicated to producing wallcoverings that create healthier indoor air quality (IAQ), and product transparency is key to helping our customers select the healthiest products for their projects.

Our Clean Vinyl TechnologyTM (CVT) Wallcoverings have earned the Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) Indoor Advantage Gold Building Materials Certification.  SCS certification is in compliance with CDPH/EHLB Standard Method v1.1 and conforms to California Specification 01350 to identify VOC emissions from interior products and finishes.  Len-Tex Wallcoverings have earned a “Pass” rating for school, office, and residential applications.

This chart below lists the chemicals and associated health risks typically found in vinyl wallcoverings.  Clean Vinyl TechnologyTM formulation addresses these chemicals and identifies the safe alternatives used in CVTTM.

Phthalates Barium Antimony Arsenic Formaldehyde Phenol
in Film and Inks
Film Stabilizer Film Fire
Preservative in Inks and Coatings Film Stabilizer
Health Risks Classified as endocrine disruptors; Exposure increases incidence of developmental abnormalities May cause gastrointestinal problems and muscle weakness Carcinogen under CA Prop 65;
Linked to skin and eye irritation, inflammation of the lungs bronchitis, and emphysema
Recognized Carcinogen and Development Toxicant (CA-P65)
Linked to cancer, gastrointestinal effects, nervous system disorders and skin irritations
Linked to eye, nose and throat irritation; wheezing and coughing; fatigue; skin rash; allergic reactions Volatile Organic Compound;
May cause irritation to the skin, eyes and mucous membranes
Len-Tex CVT Component Eastman DOTP, Citrate non-phthalate plasticizer Calcium Aluminium trihydrate (ATH) UltraFresh® Formaldehyde-free inks and coatings Ultra-low-emitting stabilizer system
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Len-Tex Clean Vinyl Technology™ demonstrates our commitment to continuous improvement of our vinyl wallcoverings. We are proud to take a leadership role in developing products with cleaner chemistries that contribute to improved indoor air quality. Rated ultra-low emitting for offices, classrooms and residential spaces, our wallcoverings have become the product of choice for healthier indoor environments.

Len-Tex wallcoverings with Clean Vinyl Technology™ pass the rigorous standards of the SCS Indoor Advantage Gold and CA 01350, and are accepted and listed on the Collaborative for High Performing Schools (CHPS). CVT Wallcoverings meet the stringent EU standard EN 15102 for Decorative Wallcoverings and comply with the new W-101 Wallcovering Association standard. All of our product components are Made in the U.S.A., and we are proud to play a part in safeguarding American jobs.

Download our Product Transparency PDF.

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